Ricardo Langner

Since 2012 I am a research associate at the Interactive Media Lab Dresden. Before that, I studied Computational visualistics at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (Germany). During my study I worked as a student assistant at the former User Interface & Software Engineering group (directed by Raimund Dachselt) and completed a six months’ internship at the Innovis Lab (directed by Sheelagh Carpendale), University of Calgary (Canada).

Generally, I am interested in research at the intersection of the fields of Information visualization (InfoVis) and Human-computer interaction (HCI). My research currently focuses on data analysis using coordinated & multiple visualization views and the use of modern input modalities, such as multi-touch, tangibles, or spatial movement. In this context, the following aspects are particularly important to me:

  • InfoVis with/for mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets; Exploration of diverse application possibilities, roles, and functions
  • InfoVis using multiple displays and devices having different display sizes/form factors
  • Interactive multi-user tools for data visualization and data analysis
  • Spatial arrangement and flexible combination of multiple visualizations