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Since October 2018 I am a research assistant at the Interactive Media Lab Dresden. From October 2018 until July 2022, I was member of the DFG Research Training Group 2323 with the topic “Conducive Design of Cyber-physical Production Systems“. The Research Training Group was a strongly interdisciplinary team and focused at cyber-physical production systems (CPPS) from the perspectives of computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, but also psychology. Within the RTG research was conducted accordingly to the topic of my dissetation: “Understanding Visualizations in Augmented Reality” (preliminary title).

Beginning from August 2022, I’m a member of ScaDS.AI. To be more specific, I’m part of the subproject “Scalable Visual Computing” in which I will focus on the development of multiscale data visualization for heterogeneous device environments and e ffective, natural multimodal interaction techniques, while investigating perceptional issues for multi-scale visualization and conducting research on responsive, i.e., adaptive visualization.

In general, my research interest lies within the space of Augmented Reality. Specifically, how users will be able to work with and within such systems in the future, which not only make use of the new device class of head mounted displays, but also the cooperation with conventionally devices like desktop PCs or tablets. For that, I often conduct studies which allow designers of future systems to make an informed decision on how to best support the users with regard to their performance but also user experience.