In this dissertation project, the novel class of Augmented Displays is presented, in which interactive surfaces are combined with head-mounted Augmented Reality.
This extends the input space of conventional screens into the third dimension and enables the display of content that is located above, behind and next to the display, as well as utlizing the environment sourrounding the display.
In return, the problem of interaction with AR objects is addressed, for which the natural touch and pen input of the interactive surface can be used instead of, e.g., mid-air interaction.
In a number of publications, we have explored the design space available for this new class of displays.
Furthermore, we demonstrated how Augmented Displays can be utilized to use cases like 3D modeling appications, and architectural design tools to offer new means of interaction and visualization of content.


Full video of DesignAR.
Full video of Augmented Displays.
Full video of PARVis.