The Mensch und Computer 2020 took place from September 6-9. The Interactive Media Lab Dresden (Chair of Multimedia Technology) was represented with three contributions.

The full paper Achiever or Explorer? Gamifying the Creation Process of Training Data for Machine Learning examines whether and how Gamification can be used to create high-quality training data for machine learning. The publication was based on the master thesis of Sarah Alaghbari.

Besides Sarah Alaghbari, Annett Mitschick and Raimund Dachselt as well as Martin Voigt and Gregor Blichmann from the company AI4BD were also involved in the project.

We were also very happy about an invitation sent to Konstantin Klamka, to present the article Rapid Iron-On User Interfaces: Hands-on Fabrication of Interactive Textile Prototypes, which was previously published at the CHI 2020 together with Raimund Dachselt and J├╝rgen Steimle (Recording of the presentation on YouTube). Rapid Iron-On User Interfaces (see project page) represent a new manufacturing approach for creating individual textile prototypes using a hand-held ironing tool that transfers functional tapes and patches directly to fabrics.

Another success is the “Best Short Paper Honorable Mention” award for the short article CoFind: A Browser Plugin for Investigating Co-located Collaborative Web Search. This article is also based on a student thesis, namely the master thesis of Robert Fuhrmann, who is also a member of the professorship since October 2020. CoFind is a Firefox browser plugin (source code on Github) and aims to enable user studies in the application area of collaborative web search. The article was written by Robert Fuhrmann, Anke Lehmann, Annett Mitschick, Ricardo Langner, and Raimund Dachselt.