We are happy to announce that the Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 248 “Foundations of Perspicuous Software Systems” was launched at the beginning of the year. In this project, our lab is cooperating with the Saarland University, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, and the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems.

The Research Centre focuses on cyber-phyiscal systems of the future, enabling them to explain their functionality and behaviour (so-called Perspicuous Systems).

Examples are autonomous vehicles, cyber-physical production systems or smart cities. Increasingly, computer programs will participate in actions and decisions that affect humans. With experts in key areas of computer science, we are therefore developing a profound and usable theory of explicable systems which provide explanations to different user groups by means of interactive visualisations and verbalisations.

Raimund Dachselt is the vice speaker of this collaborative research center and responsible for the Dresden site. As part of the project, we are pleased to welcome Tamara Flemisch as a new research assistant at the Interactive Media Lab starting in March 2019. Further information on the CRC’s website https://www.perspicuous-computing.science/.