Press Kit


We present STRAIDE, a string-actuated interactive display environment that allows to explore the promising potential of shape-changing interfaces for casual visualizations. At the core, we envision a platform that spatially levitates elements to create dynamic visual shapes in space. We conceptualize this type of tangible midair display and discuss its multifaceted design dimensions. Through a design exploration, we realize a physical research platform with adjustable parameters and modular components. For conveniently designing and implementing novel applications, we provide developer tools ranging from graphical emulators to in-situ augmented reality representations. To demonstrate STRAIDE’s reconfigurability, we further introduce three representative physical setups as a basis for situated applications including ambient notifications, personal smart home controls, and entertainment. They serve as a technical validation, lay the foundations for a discussion with developers that provided valuable insights, and encourage ideas for future usage of this type of appealing interactive installation.


Video Figure

Our Video Figure explains the design rational of STRAIDE, its iterative development, supplementary software, and feasible applications. If you are short on time, take a look at our Video Preview.

Project Repository

As STRAIDE’s development benefited greatly from open-source hardware and software projects, we published all required details for reproduction under CERN-OHL-S and GNU General Public License respectively. Comprehensive building instructions, as well as all files of 3D-printed and laser-cut parts, firmware, and developer tools, are available in our project repository We hope to see novel adaptions of STRAIDE within the HCI and maker community.

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