At this year’s ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), we will present four accepted contributions – 1 full paper, 1 interactivity, 1 doctoral consortium participation, and 1 workshop contributions. The ACM CHI is the biggest and most important conference in the field of human-computer interaction and will take place in Glasgow, Scotland, UK from May 4 to 9, 2019. We are particularly proud to present our full paper Vistribute: Distributing Interactive Visualizations in Dynamic Multi-Device Setups. The paper is the result of a cooperation between Tom Horak and Raimund Dachselt with Andreas Mathisen and Clemens N. Klokmose from Aarhus University as well as Niklas Elmqvist from the University of Maryland. The focus of the work is on automatically distributing interactive visualizations in multi-device setups. Besides on the Vistribute project page, you can also read about the research in a blog post.

Our interactivity ScaleDial: A Novel Tangible Device for Teaching Musical Scales & Triads, which emerged from a bachelor’s thesis, offers a playful way to learn basic music theory. The interactivities will be presented at the conference from Monday to Thursday. Already on the weekend, Tom Horak will participate at the Doctoral Consortium and present his current progress in his doctoral program about Designing for Visual Data Exploration in Multi-Device Environments. Further, we also participate in the Human-Centered Machine Learning Perspectives (HCMLP) Workshop by presenting our work Interactive Exploration of Large Decision Tree Ensembles, which is a result of our ongoing cooperation with ai4bd.

Finally, we are also co-organizing the 2019 German HCI Party, which takes place on Wednesday evening (May 8).  The German HCI party is a network event organized by over 20 German labs and universities, taking place for the third consecutive time. All publications of these labs from this year’s CHI are also put together in a booklet: