Engaging demos at the Interactive Media Lab Dresden again aroused a great deal of interest at this year’s OUTPUT and Long Night of Sciences.

OUTPUT 2015 took place on Thursday, July 2nd, celebrating its 10th anniversary. Students of the Faculty of Computer Science presented interesting projects that were created in last semester’s courses. We selected four student projects whose exciting results were presented to faculty members, students and guests visiting the lab. Konstantin Klamka presented his project Elasticcon, an elastic controller for everyday use that controlls the computer using various interaction techniques and features. Lars Beck, Maximilian Gräf and Christoph Plagge explained an interactive map exploration technique in front of the display wall.
Further, Benny Thomä and Christopher Bellmann showed their gesture-based controller of a lamp and Christin Engel presented interactive starplots for exploration of structured data.

The next day, on Friday, July 3rd, the 13th Long Night of Sciences allowed for interested citizens to visit many research institutions in Dresden and see various explanations, shows, exhibits, presentation and movies presenting the research work. We presented Tangible Magic Lenses, the game Break Block Mountain at the large display wall, as well as ColorStripes. Additionally, users could control Google Maps using their Gaze and Feet and test the medical simulation SimMed.