Information visualization is a great option to illustrate relationships or make vast amounts of data concrete and utilizable. Sales and distribution, where large databases are filled with information about acquisition and customer contact, is a use case there-for. Sales representatives maintain and use this data for example during post-processing of customer pitches. That is assumed to be the starting point for the studies in this bachelor thesis, which addresses the question of how a visualization of data from cus-tomer pitches could be represented and integrated in a mobile application for post-processing assistance. Therefore first a look will be taken on the initial situation, and relevant data will be identified. This is followed by a collection of visualization ideas, studying the presentation of meeting relations as connected ring more closely. After-wards the integration in a mobile post-processing application will be shown for this visu-alization variant, and an exemplary implementation as a prototype will be described. The result of this work points out possibilities for visualization of customer pitch data for post-processing using the example of the chosen representation.