Quantity: 0V/0Ü/4P SWS
Language: Deutsch / English


The practical laboratory course IML is a compact 2-week attendance course. It covers theoretical basics and practical knowledge for the development of interactive systems. The attendance phase is preceded by an asychronic preparation phase. After the attendance phase, the resulting project is documented.

Thematically, this year’s block practical course deals with visualization and interaction in mixed reality applications.


  • Enrollment – Please enroll via OPAL. The enrollment ends on 15.12.23. Students of Master Media Computer Science please also enroll via Selma. If any problems arise, please contact us.
The exact schedule is currently still being worked out. Details subject to change.

Dates and extend

  • Course format: Practical laboratory course, 0/0/4P
  • Applicability: INF-B-510, INF-B-520, INF-B-530, INF-B-540, INF-VERT3, INF-MA-PR, INF-E-4, INF-VMI-4a, INF-VMI-6, INF-VMI-8a
  • Time schedule: February 2024 (core and presence period: 2 weeks during the lecture-free period, full-day)
  • Place: APB 2042
  • Language: Englisch / Deutsch