Time: Tuesday, 5. DS (14:50-16:20)
Location: APB E009
Quantity: 2V/2√ú/0P SWS
Language: German/English


  • Course start: The lecture starts on Tuesday Oct 22nd.


The number of digital documents and data to be managed is constantly growing in almost all application areas. It is a great challenge to organize this amount of data so that it can be accessed efficiently and on demand. Information retrieval (IR) concepts and technologies provide the basis for such solutions. A particular problem arises regarding the management of multimedia data and objects. These contain a multitude of complex structural and semantic information, which can be useful as descriptive features, but are sometimes difficult to grasp or ambiguously interpretable. Accordingly, the field of multimedia retrieval or multimedia information retrieval is more specifically dedicated to the challenges of multimedia data, especially images (content-based image retrieval) and videos (content-based video retrieval), as well as acoustic data, such as music (music information retrieval) and speech. In addition to the more technical algorithms and data structures that provide the basis for corresponding retrieval applications, the user is a very important factor. The research area “Human-Computer Information Retrieval” (HCIR) takes up this aspect and combines classical IR research with findings and concepts in the field of human-computer interaction.

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The lecture is divided into three blocks, each building on the other:

  • Basics of Information Retrieval
  • Multimedia Information Retrieval (media-specific IR approaches)
  • Human-Computer Information Retrieval


(topics and schedule are tentative and subject to change)

Date Topic
22.10. Introduction
29.10. Foundations of Information Retrieval
05.11. Text Retrieval
12.11. Semantic Web, Metadata Standards
19.11. Web Information Retrieval, Web Search
26.11. Adaptation and Recommendation
03.12. Image Retrieval
10.12. Audio Retrieval (Music, Spoken Content)
17.12. Video Retrieval
Christmas break
Christmas break
07.01. Query formulation, Search User Interface Design
14.01. Information Seeking Behaviour
21.01. Collaborative Information Seeking
28.01. Evaluating Search User Interfaces
04.02. Recap, outlook, exam preparation


  • Master Medieninformatik / Media Computer Science – INF-VMI-2 (6 CP)
  • Master / Diploma Informatik / Computer Science – INF-PM-ANW (9 CP)
  • Master Computational Modeling and Simulation – CMS-VC-ELV1/2, CMS-CLS-ELV (5 CP)

Lecture Notes

The lecture slides will be available for download via OPAL.


Oral examination is default case (check your study regulations!)

Recommended Readings

Lists of literature recommendations can be found in the lecture slides.