Time: Wednesday, 6.DS (16:40-18:10)
Location: APB E023
Quantity: 2 SWS
Language: English


The aim of the course is to prepare a survey or an overview on a specific field of research. The course is based on the common practice of writing scientific articles. This requires scientific research using online libraries like IEEE Xplore Digital Library or ACM Digital Library. In addition to the article each student will present their results in a short presentation.

This exercise provides insight into the development process of scientific articles. The topics are based on the contents of the lecture.

In preparation for writing scientific articles, we will also discuss selected articles in panel discussion groups.

Template for the Seminar

For the written work in the seminar, we will use the acmart primary template. More specifically, please select the sigconf template (/samples/sample-sigconf.tex). You can download it here. Please add your name, disable the line indicators and activate the two-column mode by using \documentclass[sigconf]{acmart}.