In the last weeks, two conferences with successful participation by the Interactive Media Lab Dresden took place: Mai 27.-30., the AVI 2014 International Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces in Como, Italiy and on June 3rd and 4th the International Symposium on Pervasive Displays in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In Italy, Professor Dachselt and Wolfgang Büschel presented our Paper T4 – Transparent and Translucent Tangibles on Tabletops. in addition to listening to talks on 49 more submissions and several exciting Posters and Demos, recreation at Lake Como didn’t fall short with a boat trip to historic Villa Erba. At the following conference dinner, there was ample opportunity to exchange experiences with the international colleagues.

In the next week, Wolfgang Büschel continued his travels to Denmark. At PerDis 2014 he presented cAR: Contact Augmented Reality with Transparent-Display Mobile Devices, the result of a collaboration between the Interactive Media Lab Dresden and the HCI Lab at University of Manitoba, Canada within the Leif Exchange Program.

Impressions from both conferences can be found in our photo gallery.